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The Cup Chase

As if through a looking glass, parents, coaches and riders alike will gaze into a dusty arena yet again this weekend. The atmosphere will echo the sounds of a pounding gate, screams from exuberant moms and the empty air that fills the void when a rider goes down. The hunt for the President's Cup is on, and young (and old) racers will go careening around a freshly built track in the home of Blue Grass. The Kentucky Expo Center is frequented by sports and equine enthusiasts, trade shows and lovers of dirt, two wheels and flat grit. The grit and determination of these racers we admire the most, and wish each of you gathering for the first three day national of this long season a whole lot of luck. For those of you searching for your own President's Cup this weekend, may you reach your goal. Make sure to let us know what you decide to drink out of it. We've heard victory tastes the sweetest. . . .

We originally produced this piece for our Facebook in January of 2017.

While the venue has changed, the energy is the same. Chase that cup.

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