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Dear Dad


You make so many sacrifices to make this racing thing work. Sometimes it’s red-eyeing home after motos are over so you can be at work by 7:30am Monday, fueled only by gas station coffee. The mornings that you wake early to tune up my bike before loading the family wagon to head state racing. The Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons you’d like to be working on the house, watching the game, or simply relaxing- you’re standing, arms stretched over the fence, smile on your face because you want to be there, cheering me on. There’s some people rolling in American Dream motorhomes to the races, and then there’s us, you sacrificing your American Dreams so I can live mine. Sometimes we save some money and camp in a tent, “on an adventure.” Some races we stay in hotels and take hot showers. It’s always fun. You find a way to make every race a lifelong memory.

Dad, there’s things you do that will stick with me forever. I hurt when I see the disappointment in your face after I don’t give my all, but my heart soars when I see the joy and pride you have when I’ve left it all out there.

You’re my guiding light, Dad. On and off the track. I need you to be around for me as long as you can. You’re my coach, my mentor, my sponsor, my friend. Thank you for everything you do. Happy Father’s Day.

Love, Your Racer

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