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The real stories of BMX. 
In print, in digital + in your hands.  
A celebration of the lifestyle and culture of BMX racing.

I wish there was an easy way to explain what JournalBMX is. There's not. See, JournalBMX isn't like the rest of the news sites or tech pages or even of the single remaining BMX racing glossy. These publications are all excellent in their own regard. But there was something missing. In 2016 we banded by love of photography and our kids' racing, leading us down this path of exploring art and culture, celebrating the lifestyles so many families have selected. 

JournalBMX is about racing, it's about traveling, it's about breathing in the cold morning dew of cruiser practices and the sweltering in the summer's aired bakes of Friday Night Lights done the dirty way. BMX racing is about more kids on bikes and more families together. JournalBMX is for those racers and those families. We are for the kids, for the lifestyle and for the culture of grassroots and international racing. JournalBMX is BMX, documented.

Courtney Staton
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Christel King
chief creative officer
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Trevor Palmer
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Lizzy Bowers
Jenny Mather
parent rep
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